Video Updates (2004)

Can you imagine a world before YouTube? We lived in it. We were a band in it. YouTube wasn't around yet, so we offered these video updates on our website for download. The thought was to use them as teasers for new songs we were working on at the time. They quickly became fun projects in-and-of themselves. We really enjoyed doing these... ended up doing just 5, but always planned to do more. Well, now we've come full circle and they've been uploaded to YouTube! Enjoy.

Video Update 1: 9/2/04 Owl Terror
Matt J and Andy in the cornfield... and guess who comes to visit?! Teddy the Owl! Corn on the cob.

Featured song: I Am Who Am

Video Update 2: 9/10/04: The New Wilson
hmmm... seemed funny at the time.

Featured song: The Bible Broke

Video Update 3: 9/27/04: Best Friend You're Awesome
Whistle while you werk. Andy improvs while Matt J & Matt G work on the mix of I Am Who Am.

Featured song: I Am Who Am (Remix)

Video Update 4: 10/10/04: The Sunrise Kid
We stood on the roof of Andy & Matt G's apartment in JP from 4am to about 5:30am filming... Matt G just standing there. Then as the sun came up, we realized the sun wasn't even in our shot! We moved the camera and got a 15 minute shot of the sunrise... boo! Instead of a cool, fast time lapse of hours of sunrise, we got a slow one... oh well... it works I guess. Matty 5 still alive.

Featured song: The It Magnet

Video Update 5: 11/2/04: Leif Erickson Day (Recording Session Pt. 1)

Andy in AI Studio A. I'm not sure what song we were recording this day. I just remember this was probably at 3am and we were getting loopy. Bronzed Aussies.

Featured song: What a Little Bundle of Reflexes